Pilgrim Hall Museum

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Americas Museum of Pilgrim Possessions


Pilgrim Hall Museum

I have personally wanted to visit this museum for many years after knowing a friend who had visited there a few years ago. Billed as the oldest continuing operated museum in America being built in 1824. I have visited their website and found it to be a very useful website with many features that can help a researcher gain ideas and understanding if descendants of Pilgrims. On Thursday why not kick back after eating some Turkey and visit this wonderful website and see what they may have and maybe plan a visit there with your Society?

Sharing a page from the About Us page at: Pilgrim Hall Museum

Give the Gift of History

“The mission of the Pilgrim Society and Pilgrim Hall Museum is to achieve worldwide awareness of the Pilgrims’ significance as an enduring narrative of America’s founding.”

Welcome to Pilgrim Hall Museum! The Pilgrim Society was founded in 1820 to preserve Plymouth’s unique history, and in 1824, opened the doors of Pilgrim Hall Museum to the public. It is the oldest continuously operating public museum in the country and America’s museum of Pilgrim possessions. Pilgrim Hall’s extraordinary collection of 17th century artifacts, some of which actually came on the Mayflower, illuminates the story of early Plymouth Colony. It’s an intimate story of families, of differing cultures, and of struggle, sacrifice, courage, and perseverance. In many ways, it’s the story of the founding of America.

I invite you to explore our website, learn about our exhibits and programs, and investigate the truly fascinating, complex, and even surprising history of the Pilgrims. I hope you will be inspired to visit Plymouth and Pilgrim Hall Museum for yourself – there’s no better way to experience this remarkable episode of America’s beginnings.

Donna D. Curtin, PhD Executive Director

Learn more about us:

Organization and Structure

History of the Hall

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When’s the “Big Day?”

Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday in November. This year, Thanksgiving will be celebrated on Thursday, November 24, 2016.

From the Thanksgiving of 1621 to the Thanksgiving of today, learn all about our favorite holiday:

Love Thanksgiving? Spend it in the town where it all began!
Pilgrim Hall Museum is open on Thanksgiving Day!

Please take time to visit the website Pilgrim Hall Museum

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