Loses Members Photos in Server Crash!

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Members photos lost on server crash said not to be permanent.

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TribalPagesRecent complaints of member photographs missing from the family tree site have been confirmed by the support staff there. The company has confirmed in updates in its message forum that a server went down causing this to happen and that photos uploaded before 2011 were lost on server crash. The company has confirmed photos will be replaced and photos are not permanently lost. Here are today’s updates.

Members family trees have been seeing this message on photos the last couple days.


Tribal Pages Support: Date: Nov 3, 11:53 AM

At approximately 8am (USA Eastern Standard Time) we had a catastrophic failure of one of our servers that hosted images and photos. As a result family trees on tribal pages lost access to any pictures that were uploaded before June 2013. Our technical staff has been working around the clock to restore access to the photos. We are very sorry to have caused this inconvenience, but access to your photos will be restored over the next few days. We have not lost any photos or images.

Tribal Pages Support: Date: Nov 3,  11:56 AM

Access to all photos uploaded after August 2011 has been restored. We are still working to restore the rest.

Tribal Pages Support: Date: Nov 3,  3:10 PM

Access to all photos uploaded after October 2010 has been restored. We are still working to restore the rest.

(In response to a forum member) While Les is right about keeping originals on your computer, we would like to reassure all members that none of the photos will be lost. We have backups of everything. We also have backups of the backups stored off site. We are restoring access to all your pictures but it is taking a bit longer than originally anticipated.

Tribal Pages Support: Date: Nov 3, 5:55 PM

We are working backward in time, restoring access to more recent pictures first. Currently, we have restored all pictures till October 2010. We still have a few more years to go. Should be done in 48 hours. We will keep you updated on our progress.

Thank you for your patience.

Tribal Pages Support: Date: Nov 4, 1:00am

Restored – Today to December 2009

Access to all photos uploaded after December 2009 have been restored. We are still working to restore the rest.

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