Researching your Quaker Records


By Michael S Sheaffer USA, LLC

A recent conversation I had touched on Quaker records. The question asked was if I had ever done Quaker Research? Surprisingly, I hadn’t! It’s hard to believe that many of my ancestors go back to before Pennsylvania was a state and only a colony. So how can my family not have somehow evolved out of the Quaker settlements is something I need to do more research on in my personal tree.  The more I thought about that question the more I decided to do some research. What I found are some helpful videos, research guide, and some great links from where to begin. The videos were originally posted by and wonderfully walked through by Crista Cowan. – Have Fun!


Quaker PDF Reference



 Other Quaker Links and Resources:  Has a entire section devoted to Quaker records. A subscription is needed!

 American Ancestors: NEHGS website has a very nice site dedicated to Quaker records and research guides

Quaker Information Center: Another informative site dedicated to Quaker records. The site seems to be dated but good information exists.

The Religious Society of Friends: A great and informative site with many links and resources.

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