Baseball and the Family Tree

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The Baseball Almanac  

The Baseball Family Tree

There are more than three-hundred fifty sets of brothers who have made it to the Major Leagues. Twenty-five members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame had a brother who also played in the big leagues. Other interesting combos include World Series Appearances, All-Star games, and pitcher vs catcher match-ups.

Add another hundred plus father-and-son combinations, plus a few grandfathers with grandsons, some family teammates, and even a few twins, and you can see that leaves from a tree don’t often fall far from the trunk in the Baseball Almanac Family Tree.

The Baseball Family Tree

The Baseball Family Tree                                                 Save big on MLB merchandise in collectibles in the outlet

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“It was brother versus brother in the seventh when Joe Sewell made a whale of a stop and throw to cut down Luke.” – Shirley Povich in The Washington Post (1933)

For more on baseballs family tree visit Baseball Almanac and have fun discovering the families who have made the game of baseball into the National Pastime!

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