Ulysses S Grant Genealogy shows relaionship to Franklin Delano Roosevelt??

Did you know U.S. Grant and FDR were relatives? I must honestly admit that I did not know this. I came upon this article recently where I noticed the link to the FDR family name “Delano”. Further research revealed a website where families were detailed to show relationships to each President. It is amazing to me to think how different America would be with out the leadership that these two men displayed in the two most pivotal wars in American history. To think that these two were related even so distantly does show me that it must be in the genes!

U.S. Grant and Delano relation

Source: The Cincinnati Enquirer, 12 July 1872,  Friday, Page 2



This wonderful website shows the links between the two Presidents families. For more information in how these two presidents families link up please click link and have fun looking through the connections.:  Family Relationship of Ulysses S Grant & Franklin Delano Roosevelt


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