Three Times Removed


As an experienced family history researcher I was skeptical on how I could accept a genealogy fiction book with a paranormal theme in it. Somehow the author pulls it off and left me wanting more! The author did a good job of transitioning between the past and the present, and I will look forward to reading any future books in the series.  Three Times Removed Is a refreshing read in my …book!

About The Book

Maggie Gilbert and her children, Jack and Alice, live a pretty normal life. That is, until Maggie starts looking into her family tree. In doing so, she uncovers a dark mystery that endangers her children. She has to solve a mystery in the past, if she is to save her family in the present. Together with fellow genealogist, Zelah, Maggie unearths more and more details about the drowning of a small girl, and the unsolved disappearance of Maggie’s ancestor. Strange forces are at work, and they seem to be leaking into the present. This supernatural mystery is set in and around Cwbmran and Newport, South Wales, and draws on real historical details. This is book one in the Maze Investigations Series – look out for a new genealogy detective story coming in 2016. Click Here to Buy!

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Available in Ebook and Paperback

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