Home and Bible Records- Henry Sheaffer

Tuesday January 19th 2016

Ancestor of the Week: Henry Sheaffer

Henry and Elizabeth having married and settled into Shippensburg, Pennsylvania in 1835 bought a house on the corner of Queen and Orange St. This house would be in the Sheaffer family for nearly 100 years and still stands today. Henry Sheaffer House

Henry who was a master Blacksmith owned his own blacksmithing shop in north end of town in Shippensburg. He would eventually partner with his son John E Sheaffer and together they worked the shop for many years. The Sheaffer family starting with Henry Sheaffer’s father John Sheaffer and several brothers were all blacksmiths, an occupation that for generations of Sheaffer men would enter.

Here is an image from the Sheaffer Family Bible on the recorded deaths of members of the Sheaffer family. This book was kept by William H Sheaffer and not known for sure if it was passed down to William from Henry.Sheaffer Family Bible records of Death

*For more information on Henry Sheaffer and family please visit my page at: Sheaffer Family Genealogy



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