Henry Sheaffer

Monday January 18th 2016

Ancestor of the Week: Henry Sheaffer

Henry,  my 4th Great Grandfather was born on March 17th 1810 in South Middleton twp. Pennsylvania to John and Elizabeth (Gibbony) Sheaffer.  Little is known of Henry’s childhood as his documented life doesn’t appear until 1835 when he married Elizabeth Edenbaugh on October 22 1835.

Record of MarriageHenry Sheaffer Bible record of birth

Henry and Elizabeth were married in the First Presbyterian Church of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. On the marriage record one of the witnesses to marriage was Jacob Sheaffer, younger brother of Henry. Marriage in Shippensburg is first documented evidence of the Sheaffer family in Shippensburg area where they will be prominently living until the turn of 20th century. Henry and Elizabeth will go on and have 4 children, 3 sons and 1 daughter. The daughter dying in infancy. The 3 sons would be John E Sheaffer (1836-1913)  William H Sheaffer 1847-1897)  and Rudolph D Sheaffer  (1855-1926)

Henry and Elizabeth would be married for 25 years until the untimely death of Elizabeth in 1860.

# For more information on Henry Sheaffer please visit my Sheaffer Family Genealogy at: miley1382.tribalpages.com

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