An Ancestral Oddity

On January 16th 1987 I lost my Grandfather Harry G Sheaffer 1927-1987) at a young age of 59. A few years later I met a married my wife Karen and learned that her mother Josephine (Diehsner) Clouser was born on the same day as my Grandfather on November 7th although he was born in 1927 and she in 1930. Oddly Josephine died on January 16th 2007. Yes my Mother in-law and Grandfather were both born and died on same month and day! To make it even more odd is that they are both buried in the same cemetery some 50-75 yards from one another! They never knew each other but the odd occurrence of sharing birth and death dates along with burial in same general location of same cemetery is something I have never come across before in my genealogy research over the years.

Harry George Sheaffer Sr. josephine

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