Holidays over back to Genealogy

cropped-michael-s-sheaffer.jpg  After spending the past few months in Genealogy Hibernation I am back! I spent my hibernation doing many research projects on my tree, visiting societies, archives, and generally doing research. I was able to open a new line by finding a clue on a death certificate that previously had slipped passed me. I also was able to get a little deeper into my 3rd great grandfather’s David Sprouse parents and getting closer to broaden that line in the near future I feel. I also was able to lay some groundwork on the history book of the Sheaffer family I am planning on getting done by the end of 2016 (That’s my New Years resolution!!!) and overall refreshing my ideas on how and where I wan’t to go with my blog. So here’s to a new year of great research finds yet to come!!

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