An Ancestors hobby reveals a deeper insight to his personality

Many of our ancestors have had hobbies, but have the hobbies helped you discover their personalities? Our ancestors hobbies can reveal what their greatest interest were outside of their families and work. It is hard for a researcher to gauge someones personality through census records and whatever documents may list where and when they lived. Looking deeper into ones hobbies are where the true personality of the person can be found. I have found many ancestors over the years with interesting hobbies that have had me taking a different view of their personalities upon learning what they enjoyed to do in their leisure. Finding a persons hobby is not something that is always easy to find, in most cases I have stumbled upon the information. Finding information on an ancestors hobbies can yield great insight to their personalities that otherwise are left to our imaginations. I take for instance my 2nd great grandfather’s brother Davis A Sheaffer

Davis A Sheaffer in his garden 1917

Davis A Sheaffer in his garden 1917

he was a laborer at an engine works company who had a gruff looking and stoic feature but was a gifted gardener. He loved to plan his garden in the winter months and spend hours upon end tending to it. His love of gardening is shown in many photographs many of which are just of him and his gardens. It was said he not only loved to garden but also had a vast knowledge of all plant life and had many books pertaining to gardening and plant life. On the surface my research reveals a hardened man from years of labor intensive work, but beneath the surface was a man who was a well read individual caring to the most delicate things that nature can provide. In Davis Sheaffer I have found a man who truly understood the circle of life!

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4 Responses to An Ancestors hobby reveals a deeper insight to his personality

  1. GP Cox says:

    Being able to research our histories and share these treasured pictures is a gift of technology I never would have dreamed of as a child (except maybe during an episode of Star Trek).

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  2. I have also stumbled upon some interesting hobbies. My favorite is my grandfather Alex, who had a prize red buck rabbit during the War years that he kept as a family pet. I never knew about it as it was when my dad was a small boy. Years later, when I and my youngest son also started keeping rabbits as pets my dad mentioned it was in the blood.

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    • Michael S Sheaffer says:

      Interesting how hobbies are continued from one generation to the next even if subconsciously unaware of previous family interests. Guess it is indeed in the blood.

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      • Yes, the reason it came up was that anyone else raising rabbits was eating them but my grandfather treated his buck like a small dog. We are the same with our rabbits (house pets) and that was what prompted my dad to remark on it.

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