Life Stories: Our ancestors have them, why not record them?

Writing image  As family historians we search for as much information on our ancestors that we can find so we can place in our tree be it private or online. Many of us have interviewed our parents, and grandparents about there life stories but most people don’t use the information from these persons and actually spend the time to write there stories. In many online trees that I have viewed and I myself can be guilty of this as well is we record the vital information like the birth, marriage, and death dates along with photos and such things as military information but do not record the actual life stories. We are doing a disservice to any future generations on the important information of our ancestors life events that have shaped them into who they were. If we do not include in-depth bios on how our parents, grandparents, and other ancestors may have first met? what attracted them to each other? what was life like during the depression, the War years? and many more life stories that bring the ancestor to life.. Most of us know these stories but we fail to write these into our trees. I myself have neglected to ever write down how my parents first met,  which was that my Mother was with her friend to go see that friends boyfriend who happened to be talking with a young man who turned out to eventually be my father! How my Grandfather was angered at the death of his older brother who was killed on Iwo Jima during WWII and joined the Army soon after to, in his mind avenge the death of his brother. Stories like these need to be told to give a complete history of the persons life and give it character, whether good or bad. If we do not have life stories included then how can future generations get a feel for what the person was like, what hardships they faced and how they overcame these. I am pledging to myself to begin writing the stories I have been told or have heard over the years on my trees and hopefully anyone who may read this will obligate themselves to do the same if they feel they are lacking more life stories in there trees as well. So I am urging all of us to go to our trees and start telling Life Stories!

Michael S Sheaffer

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