Horse and Buggy photos of your ancestors?

Davis A Sheaffer Horse and Buggy

Davis A Sheaffer Horse and Buggy

One of the most unique photos i’ve received over the years is the photo of the horse and buggy that Davis A Sheaffer (1865-1927) owned. Never before had I seen one like this before. When I look at this photo I can get a real sense of what it was like to travel in in this type of transportation. I could only imagine how cold these must have been to ride in during the Pennsylvania winter. Davis wasn’t a farmer as he lived within the city limits and I have often wondered where he kept his horse and buggy? I have often wondered how townspeople kept horse and buggies back in the day. Davis also lived through a time of great change as the industrial revolution was in it’s heyday during his lifetime. He would have witnessed the horse and buggy era and the birth of the Automobile! I would love to have found a photo of an automobile he owned as well to compare the two modes of transportation he was privy to being a part of. I’d love to see more photos of ancestors and there horse and buggies. Anyone have one to share?

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