Pennsylvania’s Overlooked Civil War Flag Collection

130th Regiment

130th Pa Regiment

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania just a few blocks away from the breathtaking beauty of of it’s Vatican inspired Capitol Building lies a weathered uninhabited  looking  warehouse that houses a very unique Civil War Collection. This warehouse houses many PenCivil War Regimental and Battle Flags. Many of these flags are in delicate condition and through the hard work of preservationists have restored many of these flags from shreds. They are stored in a temperature controlled room in what appears to be cooking cart trays,  but when pulled out in drawer like fashion history comes alive when you first see the presence of a battle flag that was once  carried in the battle of Gettysburg and others. 

56 Pa Infantry

56 Pa Infantry

This collection is stored under the guidance of the Pennsylvania Preservation Committee and tours are available free to the public although a time must be set up by contacting them through the website or Pa Civil War Flags  website. I have myself  arranged for a tour on several occasions  to specifically  see some flags that my Ancestors followed into battle. You will get a real sense of history as you will see a flag that was carried onto the battlefield at Gettysburg with actual bullet holes visible. The expert staff will give you a detailed history on how the flag was given and what restoration has been done. The great part is that you are allowed to take photos of the flag of your choice to which the staff has always been willing to assist in taking photos of you with the flag.  If your doing genealogy related research and you have ancestors who fought in Pennsylvania regiments during the Civil War then you must take the time to visit the flags that your ancestors carried into battle.

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