Writing a Family History Book

Writing image

I believe every family historian has thought of doing a book of their own family at some point in there research. I am no different as I have always thought of how I may write a book, but just didn’t have the confidence in my writing skills to do such a large project. I feel now after all the years of doing my research that it is something I should finally decide to dedicate myself to do. I know I have enough family history to fill a book and more than enough photos and documents to insert into pages to make a nice size volume of material to include with the text. I now will embark on starting this project and even dedicating one day a week to set a side the time to dedicate to it’s writing. I will do this on Wednesdays or as I will refer to it as weekly writing Wednesdays! My goal is to have a 100 page book on my direct Sheaffer line with multiple biographies in each line. I have always thought of myself as the family historian and who better to do this than myself. I will posts updates on it’s progress periodically in this blog. So to all those who have encouraged me to do this, I am finally going to do it!

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