Accidental Genealogy Finds

Accidentally Genealogy Finds sometimes turn out to be what wil break down those pesky  brick walls at times. Many times over the years I have stumbled onto a find by ssarching someone else and find that person I may have left off of  years earlier. In one particular recent tree line,  I was searching for my 3rd great grandparents 50the anniversary announcement in the local newspaper. As I was scrolling through the paper I noticed a person’s last name that was familiar. As I looked more closely I realized this was a grandson of the 3rd great grandparents I was searching for. Unfortunately this was an obituary for an infant child, but this was a child that I only ever had a name for and which I could never confirm through a record search that he ever existed. He was Born in between a census year and before county records were mandated. By this stroke of genealogy fortune this obituary named his parents names including his Mother’s maiden name. These types of findings are always the most rewarding especially when the details of this sort are all included. So if your stuck at a brick wall it is not always the most obvious clues that will break it down, it just may be that one item on the  inside back page that will be the one to breakthrough a brick wall!

Good Luck!

Michael S Sheaffer

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