Sheaffer by Default!

Sheaffer Family Crest

Sheaffer Family Crest

It’s up to you to carry the Sheaffer name on”  These words were spoken to me many, many times through my youth from my Grandfather. I was the first grandson in my family and until I was 16 the only grandson surrounded by girl cousins. Growing up he would always tell me this and emphasize how important it was for me to carry name on. I always was told I had no male Sheaffer cousins (something I later found not to be true) and it was up to me to make sure I carried name on. I was told this so often that at times it really scared me as I thought if I don’t have any children especially son’s I would be the one to let the family name die! When I was 16 an uncle had his first son then eventually 3 years later a second and my feeling was they could take me off the hook! When I was 23 I got married and immediately started thinking of starting a family. After 5 years and a few miscarriages my wife and I had our first child and it was a……girl!!! My grandfather had passed away years earlier and my first thought was of him saying it’s not a boy! Fortunately 2 years later my first son arrived followed by my second son the following year, and finally my 3rd son born 4 years later. As my 2 other male cousins grew older and who are now in there 30’s with no likelihood of any children from them, I think to myself my grandfather may have been right after all it was up to me to carry the Sheaffer name on. With my 3 sons getting older I retell my grandfather’s story all the time to them and hope they can keep this line of ours continuing for another generation. The most ironic thing in this story is that had my mother and father married I would not even have the Sheaffer name. I carry my mother’s maiden name,  thus I am Sheaffer by default.  Imagine that!

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